As the most productive year for our chapter in recent memory comes to a close, we reflect upon some of the things that made 2013—and this past fall quarter in particular—so wonderful:

14 New Brothers

The foundation of a fraternity lies in the strength and size of its brotherhood. Fall Rush presented to us a challenge in the form of one of the lowest turnouts we’ve seen in quite some time. Luckily, that didn’t stop us from associating with some quality gentlemen who proved themselves fully qualified to be brothers in the bonds. Congratulations to Noah Lizerbram, Billy Conway, Brendan Abadie, Noah Gaarder-Feingold, Kelvin Campbell, Brendan Kuhlman, Tarn Sidhu, Nabil Afifi, Tyler Galdes, Wilson Desimini, David Kerns, Lee Melbourne-Weaver, Anthony Baldo, and Rustin Saffari on their initiation!

A Fresh Executive Board

Elections were just as intense this year as they are any other, and we couldn’t be more proud of the fact that so many brothers were nominated and ran for the positions which play such a vital part in our chapter operations. The results are in, and your new Executive Board is:

  • President – Kyle Travaglini, AZ 1601
  • Vice President – Jeff Asher, AZ 1595
  • Treasurer – Scott Shepard, AZ 1612
  • House Manager – Jake Becker, AZ 1610
  • Social Chair – Mitchell Barnes-Wallace, AZ 1604
  • Secretary – Drew Soucie, AZ 1602
  • Scholarship Chair – Ben Schwartz, AZ 1650

It is clear that the tradition of giving back to our house hasn’t been lost on some of its most recent initiates. Although these brothers have held several positions within the house, attended leadership academies, and served on and overseen various committees, this is the first time any of them have sat on the Executive Board. Therefore, they will require all the wisdom and support our alumni have to offer in order to ensure the long-term betterment of the brotherhood.

Focusing on Philanthropy

One of the key facets of our fraternity that we tell all potential new members is, “You’re going to get out of Theta Xi what you put into it.” In that spirit we’ve decided to re-emphasize our brotherhood’s tradition of giving back to the community. In addition to our annual Boys & Girls Club philanthropy, where we and the ladies of Kappa Delta transform 629 Gayley into a haunted house for underprivileged children to enjoy around Halloween, we gave back to the community in so many more ways. Over 70% of our chapter attended  a Santa Monica Beach clean-up sponsored by Heal the Bay. 18 brothers raised over $1,100 to fund pediatric cancer research as part of Dribble for the Cure. And to round out the quarter, we all got together and wrote holiday greeting cards to the U.S. Armed Forces as part of Operation Gratitude.

That’s it for this edition of our chapter newsletter. From all of us here at 629 Gayley, have a very happy holiday!

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