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Our UCLA chapter is now recruiting! 

Theta Xi, the national leadership fraternity, is unparalleled in the educational and social development of its members. Our successes and diversity have been celebrated by over 65,000 individuals since 1864.

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“Demonstrate a commitment to developing meaningful and lasting friendships.”

On top of offering one of the most diverse brotherhoods nationwide, Theta Xi provides a genuine sense of unity that has defined members’ experiences not only in college but also for the rest of their lives.


“Accept accountability for one’s decisions, behavior, and commitments.”

We think of ourselves as more than just a social club. Theta Xi consistently earns one of the highest GPAs on fraternity row and offers over 30 different leadership positions for its members.


“Show appreciation and concern for the worth of oneself and others.”

Theta Xi has a strict anti-hazing policy and believes firmly in the importance of treating all of our members equally. We strive to restore the reputation of fraternities as valuable community assets.

Our Mission

    THE PURPOSE OF THETA XI is to provide a college home environment for its active members in which fellowship and alumni guidance lead to wholesome mental, moral, physical, and spiritual growth. To that end, Theta Xi actively supports and augments college and community efforts to make individual members more mature and chapter groups more useful units of society. Through its alumni and undergraduate leadership, Theta Xi endeavors to assist each member to develop:

  • Intellectual curiosity that assures the highest scholarship rating consistent with his ability
  • Habits that lead to better mental and physical health
  • Sincerity in his association with others and confidence in himself
  • Responsibility to chapter, college, community, and country
  • Leadership that comes from practicing the principles of democratic self-government
  • Interests and activities outside regular scholastic studies that employ spare time to advantage
  • Spiritual understanding that provides a reservoir of strength to draw upon when faced with conditions beyond comprehension.

Our History

    Originally founded in 1864 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Theta Xi was the only fraternity to emerge during the Civil War. It was also the first-ever professional Greek letter organization, in that it was originally founded as an engineering fraternity. In 1926, it became a general social fraternity and began accepting prospective members with all interests and backgrounds as it continues to do today. As of 2013, Theta Xi consists of over 50 active chapters across the United States and has initiated over 65,000 individuals who went on to become award-winning actors and screenwriters, College Football Hall of Fame members, inventors, Congressmen, Nobel laureates, and more. Among our notable alumni are steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie, Garfield creator Jim Davis, NASA astronaut James Voss, former Disneyland president Jack Lindquist, and Father of Scientific Management Fredrick Winslow Taylor.

The Alpha Zeta chapter of Theta Xi was founded in 1928 and became one of the first fraternities at UCLA, as well as the first to have a house on campus. We have won numerous national awards including the much sought-after Memorial Trophy; had several alumni elected to the prestigious Order of the Unicorn; and emerged victorious in countless intramural sports tournaments, Greek Week competitions, and sorority philanthropies. We also consistently earn one of the highest average quarterly GPAs on fraternity row—a fact attributable to our academic scholarships, comprehensive online test bank, and in-house library. Underlying these successes, however, is a truly unifying sense of brotherhood that has come define our members’ experiences not only at UCLA but also for the rest of their lives.

Be sure to check out our chapter’s Facebook page and social calendar. If you’re at all interested in joining our brotherhood, click here for information regarding recruitment. Our door is always open so feel free to come pay us a visit sometime at 629 Gayley Avenue!